Number Balloons

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3.000 OMR 
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*******  The Price is WITHOUT helium ********** Please add helium to your order to make the balloons Fly************


Please ensure your add helium to your order to deliver the balloons with helium or else the balloon will be delivered with out helium


Number and letters Foil will generally flys for over 48hr in good temperature condition

Foil balloon & Bubble Balloons cannot be add any hiFloat to extend its flying time 


 ******** Number and letters Foil please select and add level 4 helium********


*********Small Letters balloon 16" letter balloon will not fly if you add helium******

                     ******* do not add helium to 16" letter Balloons *******


For each balloons you have to add helium 

For example for 7 Number or letters you should add 7 quantity of level 4 helium or else of you do not required all the balloons inflated with helium