About Us

Party Fever is a local SME party retail store operating in Muscat since July

2013. The company has a wide range of products and services such as

balloons, themed tableware sets, large rentable products ( bouncy castle,

chairs, table, cotton candy and popcorn stands ) as well as large balloon art

works and designing services.

We offer Oman's first Outdoor / Indoor Movie Night experience at the privacy of your home since 2017. 

The store is open 7 days a week because, we believe " everyday is Party at Party Fever ".


The products offered by Party Fever can be categorised in to six main products and consist of Themed Party Decoration Items, Balloon Art, Designing Services Embroidery Services , rental & entertainment services and party hall with soft play area.

Themed Party Decoration Items

This is the main activity of Party Fever as it offers themed plates, napkins and table covers for a particular character. For example, a Mother planning a birthday party for her 4 year old daughter who adores the Minnie Mouse character can get all type of Minnie Mouse decoration items at Party Fever and includes cups, banners, gift bags and centrepieces, what was previous mentioned but also includes fluffy decorations, tiaras as well as baby shower and bridal shower games.

Balloon Art

A Party Shop without balloons can never be called a party shop. Party Fever offers all type of balloons and includes latex, foil and plastic balloons. Moreover, Party Fever recently introduced Balloon Art as part of its business activates and currently offers small scale balloon arrangement. However, in the near distance future Party Fever is looking at decorating bigger venues such as malls and corporate events.

Designing Services

Some customer love to make their event extra special and with Party Fever designing section that special features can come true. Based on a customer request, specialized items such as customized tissue boxes and water bottle stickers can be arranged. Moreover, other services also includes customized invitation E-Cards, food labels and birthday posters. In addition, Party Fever can work with commercial customers who requires re-breading designing, Business cards, Means, flyers, catalogues and many other designing products and services.

Embroidery Service

Since designing is part of Party Fever activates that involves papers and electronic documents. Party Fever saw the opportunity to go one step further by putting its unique designs in to wearable products. Any customer can have their wearable customized, whether it’s a T-shirt or a baseball cap, party fever will do embroidery on almost any product. However, currently Party Fever’s main customer are Mums and their new-borns as well as commercial customers. Customized baby beeps, baby overalls and baby blankets are targeted at Mums whereas embroidery on uniforms are for commercial customer.

Rental & entertainment services

A wide range of rental services is offered by Party Fever and it includes jumping castles , water slides as well as chairs and table. Party Fever currently has 4 different children’s chair and 5 type of adult chairs as well round or rectangular tables specialized cake tables are also available with party fever. Moreover, differences size of metal frames are available for rent these farms are used to create stunning backdrops or combine it with balloons to create a unique backdrop that’s separate your event from the rest.With regards to entertainment , party fever is the first company in Oman to offer Outdoor / Indoor Movie Night experience at the privacy of your home since 2017, the equipment used is the best standard in industry for example party fever uses Base brand for its speakers and GL brand for its projector. Other entertainment services include the hire of party Host and a magician and to add some special spice to the  event party fever offer food equipments such as ice cream machine , popcorn machine ,cotton candy machine and sweet corn machine

Party Hall 

this is the latest product offer by party fever. Now party fever has truly become a one stop store for all your party need. Party Items can be purchased from store add some balloon art to the event, rent chair and table and add some entertainment package to your party mix and finally use party fever venue to reduce the significant stress on planning a party and let party fever take care of that. In addition, when renting the venue / hall customer will be eligible to big savings and discounts. The party hall also comes with a soft play area suitable for a wide age group of kids.