Terms and conditions Inflatable Products

1. The Client is the person who hires, or by signing this form, accepts the hire on behalf of a third party or organization, company, public body, charity or the like accepts the responsibilities for the operation and the safekeeping of the equipment.
2. The client is solely responsible for any damages occur with any inflatable product.
3. Food or drink are not allowed to be consumed on the unit, also face paint and silly string are not allowed. Do not allow water to be poured onto the unit as it can make it slippery and therefore dangerous. Keep B-B-Q’s fires etc well away from the unit. We reserve the right to charge extra for
cleaning if the unit is left in a dirty condition.
4. Sharpe objects are forbidden on or near the Inflatable product.
5. No pets or toys are allowed on or near the Inflatable product.
6. Shoes and high heels are not allowed on the inflatable product.
7. The client should not allow any person to hang or sit on walls, roofs & back walls of the inflatable
8. The client should not allow any person near the inflatable blowers.
9. If the client is not supervising, it’s the client responsibility to place a supervising adult with
sufficient authority to prevent careless or reckless behavior or intentional rough play, any accidents, injury, losses will be the client responsibility, in addition to paying any damages incurred to the inflatable product. The client must always ensure strict compliance and supervise children.
10. Ensure that children are not pushing, colliding, fighting or behaving in a manner likely to injure or cause distress to others.
11. It’s the client responsibility to make sure the Inflatable product is not overcrowded with children.
12. Do not allow any children to bounce on the front step.
13. No Adult should use any equipment that is supplied solely for children's use.
14. It’s the client responsibility to make sure the appropriate age children to enter the Inflatable
product. All children regardless of age should be under adult supervision
15. Inflatable wave slide are for adults only.
16. As a guide small child should not be play the same time with bigger children any injury that occurs
will be the client responsibility.
17. Ensure that no person with a history of Heart, Neck or Back Problems, High Blood Pressure, Joint
Weakness or any person with a history of known medical disabilities are not allowed to use the
equipment. Also, any person who feels unwell should be removed immediately.
18. Party Fever will not be held responsible for any death, injury, loss or otherwise to any person using
the equipment supplied.
19. The client should ensure running water in available for cleaning purpose if water is not provided
then the products cannot be cleaned
20. Party Fever will not provide any water for its water slides or pools
21. The client must ensure that electrical power is always available without any interruptions. Any
injury, loss or damages will be the client responsibility.
22. Client should ensure that there is enough electrical power point are available, working and in good
conditions, best practice each castle requires minimum 2 electrical sockets.
23. Party fever is not responsible for any fires, burned or damaged electrical sockets or any other equipment damages
24. Electrical power point should be within reasonable distance of the setup site (extension cables up to 50 meters will be provided by Party Fever).
25. Party Fever is not reasonable for any electrical problem faced during the event as the extension cords are always tested and are of heavy duty and high quality.
26. The client accepts full responsibility for any damages or losses, and will pay accordingly, legal costs included.
27. When necessary Party fever has the right to send member of its stuff to only monitor the activates use of the inflatable products, to ensure its not misused, damage or overcrowded
28. If for some reason the member of the stuff noticed that the inflatable product is been misused, damage and/or overcrowded and the client is not attending to the issue, Part Fever has the right to stop the client from using the inflatable and the inflatable product will be removed from the location immediately.
29. Party Fever has right to stop the client from using its inflatable product if the weather is deemed to be bad and that includes high winds and raining.
30. The client shall keep the Equipment in a good state condition, and is responsible for any damage of the Equipment occurred during the rental period
31. In event of raining the client should immediately stop using the inflatable product and place all removable equipment such as, extension leads and blowers...etc. to be placed in a secure indoors area.
32. We reserve the right to refuse hire if the client or the client’s property is deemed unsuitable by us. Please check the sizes of the equipment and clearances required before delivery as full payment is due if inadequate space is available.
33. If the inflatable is going to be used on a paved or cement surface, please let us know and we will provide a ground sheet. Please remove all stones and sharp objects prior to inflating.
34. The client must be at the location when the product is delivered.
35. Once the product location is set and the product is tied down the client is not allowed to move the
inflatable product. Moreover, if the client wanted to move the inflatable product after the delivery team has left, the client will have to pay extra charges to re-locate the inflatable product note that this is also subject to the availability of party fever delivery team.
36. Overnight hires are subject to the client having a secure location.
37. Any removable equipment such as, extension leads and blowers...etc. must be locked up in a
secure indoor area overnight hire.
38. If any of the equipment is damaged or stolen from your property, then you will be liable to pay for
the replacement costs in full.
39. No orders will be delivered one day before unless management decides to deliver the order.
40. Order without down payment are not confirmed.
41. Payment in full must be received one day before delivery
42. A Deposit of 25% of the total sale is Non-refundable when booking to secure the date and
preferred unit.
43. Please note if the final payment is note given one day before the event, party fever has the right to
cancel the order and no refund will be given.
44. If the client returns the Equipment to Party fever after the time and date of the rental period ends, the client will pay Party Fever a rental charge per day for each day or partial day beyond the end of rental period until the equipment is returned. Party Fever can subtract these rental charges from the security deposit
I the Client, by signing this document I fully understand that I will return the equipment to Party Fever in good condition and if the equipment is loss or damage while in My possession, I will be responsible for the cost of repair and if loss or damage totally up to the current value of the equipment. I will pay Party Fever its current value.