Terms and conditions Party Hall

1. The Client is the person who hires, or by signing this form, accepts the hire on behalf of a third party or organization, company, public body, charity or the like accepts the responsibilities for the operation and the safekeeping of the equipment.
2. The client is solely responsible for any damages occur within the party hall
3. No pets are allowed in the party hall.
4. The client should not allow any person to make holes in the walls or ceiling
5. The client should not allow any person to make draw in the walls or ceiling
6. If the client is not supervising, it’s the client responsibility to place a supervising adult with
sufficient authority to prevent careless or reckless behavior or intentional rough play, any accidents, injury, losses will be the client responsibility, in addition to paying any damages incurred to the party hall equipments or decorations items. The client must always ensure strict compliance and supervise children.
7. Party Fever will not be held responsible for any death, injury, loss or otherwise to any person using the equipment supplied.
8. The client accepts full responsibility for any damages or losses, and will pay accordingly, legal costs included.
9. The client can bring food for a 3rd party however party fever will not be responsible for any health damages such as food position or any type injury
10. The Client shall arrange for disposal/taking out the waste materials/garbage accumulated by the caterer. No person from the caterer's side shall be allowed to stay inside the premises after 12.a.m. (night).
11. Consumption of Alcohol/intoxicating items and creating public nuisance is strictly prohibited. As the entire building is equipped with fire extinguishing plant, smoking inside the building is strictly prohibited to avoid any fire alarm/hazards
12. The Client belongings shall be preserved under own care and custody. Party Fever shall not be responsible for any kind of Theft/Burglary/Loss and/or any untoward situation.
13.Party Fever reserves the right of cancellation of Booking at any time under unavoidable circumstances
14. All packages are based on 40 children and one birthday child. Additional charges will apply for each additional child attending unless agreed at the time of reserving the event
15. A booking deposit of 50% of your chosen package cost. Once your form and deposit are received, we can then hold your booking until the date of the party. The balance MUST be paid by bank least one week (7 days) prior to the party date.